Thanking your customers: a phone call script

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[Customer’s First Name]?
My name is [Your Full Name] and I’m the owner/founder/designer/head of customer experience at [Store Name].

This is the same opening we use in our “Abandoned Checkout” and general Feedback focused call scripts. You’ve started the conversation by just asking if the person on the phone is your customer. By starting with a question you come off as much more approachable. It’s less threatening because it puts you as the caller in the same boat as them, you seem unsure about the call just like they will be as well.

I’m just calling you today to say Thank You. As a small business, every customer matters, and it’s from customers like you that keeps this business going. So again, [Customer First Name] thank you very much for your trust in [Store Name].

Here, you’ve established why you’re calling. Your customer can feel good about the call and let their guard down. At this point you should just want for a response. Stop talking. Just listen to your customer’s reply. Most likely, you’re going to get an incredibly positive response.

You can even decide to end the conversation here, but since you have them on the phone, and gauging from their level of enthusiasm over the phone, you can ask a few questions…

I know you purchased the [Purchased Product] from us, how do you like it? Since I have you on the phone, is there anything I can help you with today?

At this point you’ve seamlessly transitioned into creating an opportunity to go above and beyond and build a bulletproof relationship. You can solve a problem for them for free.

Additionally, you used the term, “I know…” and not “I see/My system shows…” By letting your customer know that you know, and have known, it makes them feel more valued. You don’t know it because you’re looking at them as a number on your screen, but as a person who has a relationship with your brand.

[Customer First Name], thank you for your business and your feedback. If you need anything else this is my personal number you can reach me anytime. And If you enjoy the product and feel like leaving a review on our site, let me know and I can send you a link.

It’s important to make the customer feel valued. By thanking them again you remind them of the true nature and intention of your call, even if you proposed a new product you’ve just recently re-stocked, or asked for a review, the purpose of the call gets solidified as just to reach out and “shake hands” virtually.

Asking for a review would be a good idea because there has been a lot of research done here suggesting the reviews are a key part of the online shopping buying cycle. 70% of buyers have said they consult reviews before buying, and 63% say they are more likely to buy if you have reviews on your site. Since you’ve just delighted a customer, now is the best time to ask for a review because they will probably leave a great one!

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