How Mojo recovers 217% more abandoned checkouts with phone calls

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TLDR; MojoMotosport averages about 50 abandoned checkouts per month, at about $150/cart, that’s $90,000 per year in lost revenues. Mojo’s abandoned cart email sequence resulted in 12% checkout recoveries but these seemed too low considering the niche product. Only recovering $10,800 per year out of $90,000 wasn’t cutting it.

MojoMotosport was started by a group of friends who loved to go on dirt bike adventures together. But after needing to replace parts for their stock bikes and not finding high quality and affordable vendors they decided to go into business for themselves. As dirt bike experts and enthusiasts, they knew the market and they understood their audience extremely well.

One thing they understood is the size of their market is limited. Selling ultra niche products means lower volume of sales, but it also means anyone who lands on their website is a qualified lead. Especially a lead that completes half of their online checkout process. Mojo was losing about $7,500 per month in abandoned checkouts to highly targeted and interested buyers. Initially Mojo created a five email abandoned checkout sequence, resulting in a 55% open rate, and a 12% conversion rate. Considering how great quality these leads were, a 12% recovery rate didn’t sound good enough. Mojo needed a tool to help them recover more sales…


The Scout Recovery and Retention app was installed to help Mojo recover more abandoned checkouts.

How it works is simple: when a customer abandons a checkout, Scout alerts Mojo’s team about it, showing exactly what was abandoned along with all the customer’s submitted contact information.


The 17 month results are as follows:

865 Phone Leads Generated

Over the past 17 months, MojoMotosport generated 865 abandoned checkouts. These abandoned checkouts included customer phone, name, email, shipping address, and products they had in basket.

217% More Recoveries via Phone than Email

Of Mojo’s 865 abandoned checkouts, 104 were recovered through their previously set-up email sequence. However, since installing the Scout app, their recoveries shot up by an additional 329 sales.

$49,305 Recovered by Phone Call

This is the dollar figure Mojo can attribute to phone call checkout recoveries, not including the email recoveries. This is extra revenue that Mojo recovered through the Scout app alerts.

$15,570 Recovered by Email Sequence

This is the dollar figure Mojo can attribute to just their auto-email abandoned cart sequence (not using the Scout app). This represents approx. 12% recovery rate.

50%+ Total Checkout Recovery Rate

Of the 865 customers abandoned their checkout over the past 17 months, 433 ended up being recovered. Of those 433, 52 (12%) were recovered through Mojo’s five email recovery sequence, and 165 (38%) were recovered through the phone call. There is however, a high correlation between phone calls resulting in customers looking for emails after the call, and converting through the email as well. This is why the phone call is a great supplement to the email, and why we choose to feature the ultimate conversion rate above.

55% Email Open Rate

Of the automated emails Mojo sends (not through our app) they had a 55% open rate. This number is high for emails, but normal for super-niche offerings like dirt bike parts. Unfortunately, for every person who doesn’t open this email, that’s one less potential recovery.

75%+ 1-on-1 Customer Conversations

645 of their 865 abandoned checkouts turned into successful phone conversations. This means that 75% of their abandoned checkouts answered their phone turned into a positive brand experience through 1-on-1 dialogue. Part of the reason phone calls recovered more sales for Mojo is because so many people people answer their phones than open an email. Not only that, but the 1-on-1 two-way conversation leads to more sales than a 1-way content blast via email.

$2,900 Extra Revenue Per Month

20 Extra Orders Per Month

Given Mojo was recovering 12% with their auto-email sequences, with their current 50% recovery rate means their additional revenue is calculated using the 38% difference. Over the past 17 months this resulted in an additional 20 sales per month, which is about 1 extra sale per business day.

Lessons Learned

  • Quick delivery. Mojo realized through conversations that delivery dates were a big concern. Many customers were looking for parts delivery before the weekend so they could go on their weekend ride.
  • Higher average order values. Apart from better customer relationship building (talking to customers about their favorite bikes and tracks), Mojo found they were up-selling many more complimentary products.
  • Reviews and word of mouth. Mojo received more positive reviews and higher customer satisfaction scores. It also turned into huge word of mouth marketing driving higher quality sales for no advertising spend. Click here to see their customer posted images to Instagram.

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